Seong-Ah Yoon
Yoon Profile
Hangul 윤 성 아
Alias Ms. Yoon

Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Red

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Family

Professional Status
Occupation Student (Junior ; formerly)

Assistant (to Prof. Frost)

Affiliation Yong-Gang University

Psychology Department
Counseling Office

Manhwa Chapter 3

Seong-Ah Yoon (Yoon Seong-Ah, 윤 성 아  ) is a junior in the Psychology Department of Yong-Gang University. She is currently Professor Frost's assistant in the Counseling Office.


File:Yoon app.png

Seong-Ah is a young woman of average height and weight. She has black eyes and long, red hair that reaches her lower back with bangs that cover most of her forehead and stick out in some directions. She has a slim figure and a pretty face to match with lips that are often covered in light pink lipstick. Occasionally, Seong-Ah uses her good looks to her advantage and helps Professor Frost with his cases. An example of this was when she stalled JeongHyuk Oh so that Frost could sneak into his apartment.

Seong-Ah does not consistently wear the same outfit, they vary from each day. She also seems to prefer wearing light and happy colors rather than dark clothes.


Seong-Ah's personality varies depending on which way she is influenced by the people around her and in her general life, otherwise she is normally very caring and considerate towards others as well as being very kind towards others and normally passive but otherwise has a strong rebellious opinion of her own that goes past others beliefs and research at Yong-Gang University.



Prof.Frost Edit

When Seonga was a student she helped in the consoling office and she meet him when he arrived looking for Mr.oh the previous consular . She noticed his white hair first and thought it was cool and that he was handsome. During introductions after the revelation that he was the new consular she tried talking to him but he was currently setting his office to his liking; she thought they were on the same page as they want to help people. After learning that he didn't believe in sympathy and connecting with the clients to help them improve she got anger with him and got up to say something but the 'empty man' patient interupted their conversation, When he wanted her to stall the client she did so.

Later when the professor has a lucid dream in the office, he thought he was alone but then he got greeted by his assistant. He was surprised she stayed for him and she explained that as along as he stays in the office she will too.

Prof.Song Edit

They have a sisterly bond. Seol went to visit her as soon as she returned from her trip. She was concerned when she heard the new professor was her old partner Prof.Frost.

Quotes Edit


  • She graduated earlier than the others
  • She is like a little sister to Seon
  • Her presence has made Prof. Frost somewhat more human
  • It is hinted that she developed feelings for Professor Frost
  • Frost and Seonga's relationship is somewhat like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson