Jeong-Hyuk's Ex-Girlfriend
Ex-GF Profile

Gender Female
Hair Color Red

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Jeong-Hyuk Oh

Professional Status

Manhwa Chapter 1

She was Jeong-Hyuk Oh's girlfriend of two months, before they broke up. She was the last person Jeong-Hyuk was in a relationship with before he decided to see Professor Frost.


Jeong-Hyuk's ex-girlfriend is a pretty young woman with an average height and build. She has long, dark red hair that reaches a little past her shoulders with slightly wavy bangs that are swept to the side of her face and light brown eyes.

During her date with Jeong-Hyuk to the bar, she wore a brown jacket with faux, white fur at the collar over a black tank top and a red pencil skirt that ended above her knees. She seems to have a rather expensive taste when it comes to fashion, as seen from the accessories she wore as well as her reactions to Jeong-Hyuk's gifts.


Despite dating Jeong-Hyuk for two months prior to the start of the series, she did not develop any feelings for him. Although she continued to see him, she kept him at arms length and may have feigned interest in him because of the lavish gifts he gave her.

However, it is possible that she stayed for as long as she did with him because she thought there was still a possibility for her to fall for him, but eventually she started to take advantage of his feelings for her.


An Empty Man ArcEdit

She enters the bar alongside Jeong-Hyuk and leaves him to order while she settles down, placing her hand bag beside her and away from her boyfriend, which the bartender notices. Later on, he surprises her by gifting her with an expensive looking ring