Bong-Chun Seo
Bong-Chun Profile
Hangul 서 봉 천

Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Personal Status
Status Active

Professional Status
Occupation Psychology Professor
Affiliation Yong-Gang University

Psychology Department

Manhwa Chapter 4

Bong-Chun Seo (Seo Bong-Chun, 서 봉 천) is a professor from the psychology department of Yong-Gang University. He is also the front-running challenger of Professor Cheon for the position of Dean.


Professor Seo is a middle-aged man with an average height and build. He has black hair and black eyes that can hardly be seen. Because of his position, he dresses quite formally and is often seen wearing a suit or something similar to it.


Seo is a very sly and cunning man. He is Professor Cheon's rival for the position of dean, because of this, he often creates opportunities wherein Cheon is responsible and will have to take the blame if anything goes wrong.


An Empty Man ArcEdit

Professor Seo is first seen when the psychology department of Yong-Gang University have a meeting to discuss the matter of Professor Frost becoming a counseling psychology professor. After hearing the other's opinions of Frost, he states that their reasons for objecting are valid but points out that having such a young and talented person may be helpful to the professors. While the others are thinking about it, in order to put Professor Cheon in a difficult situation, he suddenly proposes that they entrust the school's counseling office to him and see how it turns out. Although the others are quite weary, they agree, believing it to be better for a younger professor to be the counselor.